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New Applicants

Now that you have identified the home you like there are seven steps to complete.

1.  Click link to review the Rental Requirements & Application Process.

     Rental Requirements & Application Process 

2.  Click link to complete the Rental Application.
Rental Application (for each Tenant 18 or older & for each Guarantor) 
Parental Letter of Guarantee (for each Tenant as needed)
     If applicable, contact UCSC Campus Housing Office to release rental history 

3.  Provide the signed application, 2 forms of ID, proof of income & bank statements (if required) by one of the following ways:

  •  Email:  Rentals@muzziopropertymanagement.com (You can call in your social security number or ITIN: Individual Tax ID Number)  
  •  Bring forms to the showing
  •  $35 application fee is due prior to processing application and running credit report. Can be paid by Check or Venmo.


4.  Once approved, a holding deposit of $500 is required and a lease agreement will be drawn up for signatures.

     The lease needs to be signed within 2 days of receipt. 

5.  Sign the Lease, pay the Security Deposit & first month's rent with 2 cashiers checks.


6.  Obtain renters insurance and contact utilities to start service as needed.  

7.  Obtain parking permit (if needed) in Santa Cruz city  limits.  Apply by mail 2 weeks ahead. 

     Santa Cruz permit parking program

Current Tenants​

Important Rent Reminder:
Please note that rent is due on the first (1st) of every month.  Review your lease agreement for the late fee amount.  
Contact our office at 831-588-9525 if it will be late.  Thank you!

Renting:  A User Manual

New and seasoned renters may find this a valuable resource.  
The brochure guides you through every step of the rental process from "Move-in to Move-Out."
Click here to download the Complete Renters Brochure