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New Applicants

Now that you have identified the home you like there are six steps to complete.

1.  Click link to review the Rental Requirements & Application Process.

     Rental Requirements & Application Process 

2.  Click link to complete the Rental Application.
Rental Application (for each applicant 18 or older & for each co-signer) 
Parental Letter of Guarantee (for each applicant as needed)
     If applicable, contact UCSC Campus Housing Office to release rental history 

3.  Return the signed application, proof of income & bank statements (if required) by one of the following ways:

  •  Email:  Rentals@muzziopropertymanagement.com 
  •  Bring forms to the showing


4.  Once approved, a holding deposit of $500 is required and a lease agreement will be drawn up for signatures.

     The lease needs to be signed within 2 days of receipt. 

5.  Sign the Lease, pay the Security Deposit & first month's rent with cashiers checks & obtain renter's insurance.

    Once the lease is signed, the security deposit & first month's rent need to be paid by cashier's checks.

6.  Obtain renters insurance and contact utilities to start service as needed.

7. Obtain parking permit (if needed) in Santa Cruz city limits.  Apply by mail 2 weeks ahead. 

    Santa Cruz permit parking program



Current Tenants​

Important Rent Reminder:
Please note that rent is due on the first (1st) of every month.  Review your lease agreement for the late fee amount.  
Contact our office at 831-588-9525 if it will be late.  Thank you!

Parking Permit Information:
     On-Street Permit Parking Information
     Map of Downtown Parking Permit Area


Renting:  A User Manual

New and seasoned renters may find this a valuable resource.  
The brochure guides you through every step of the rental process from "Move-in to Move-Out."
Click here to download the Complete Renters Brochure